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About the Barrymore Awards

What are the Barrymore Awards?

Named in honor of the famed Philadelphia-based first family of theatre, the Barrymore Awards have served as Philadelphia's professional theatre awards program since 1994. The Barrymore Awards are a nationally recognized symbol of professional theatre in our region, raising the bar for the work produced by local theatres and individual artists while increasing public awareness of the richness and diversity of our city's thriving theatre community. The Barrymore Awards also include annual cash awards totaling over $75,000, which strengthen the ability of theatre companies and individual artists to pursue artistic work of the highest caliber. Each fall, theatregoers and artists come together to celebrate the theatre season and honor that year's Barrymore nominees and award recipients at the annual Barrymore Awards Ceremony.

Awards Process FAQs

Submit a Production to the Barrymore Awards

Become a Barrymore Nominator or Judge

What does "Barrymore Recommended" mean?

Barrymore Recommended indicates that at least one element of a production was recommended to the judges by Barrymore Nominators. Barrymore Recommended productions move on for further consideration and are eligible for Barrymore Nominations at the end of the theatre season.

How do producing theatres submit productions for consideration?

Theatre companies may submit professional productions for Barrymore Award consideration in accordance with our eligibility rules.

What are the cash awards?

Applications are now open for the following Barrymore Awards. These cash awards do not require a production to be adjudicated by Barrymore Nominators and Judges, but highlight individuals and organizations across the region.

How can I become a Barrymore Nominator or Judge?

Each spring, the Barrymore Oversight Committee identifies a pool of almost 100 Nominators and Judges to adjudicate the upcoming season of Barrymore-eligible productions. Learn more about the application and selection process here.