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Victory Theatre Education Award

The new Victory Foundation Award for Outstanding Theatre Education Program recognizes the diverse, rich, and impactful youth-focused education programs in the Philadelphia theatre community, and seeks to put arts education and the future of the field front and center. Generously funded by the Victory Foundation, this special Barrymore Award includes a $10,000 award to the recipient and a $2,500 award for each finalist. 

UPDATE: Many of our Barrymore supporters are reaching out to help the community now, at a time when so many are in need. At this time, we will temporarily suspend applications for the F. Otto Haas Award, the June and Steve Wolfson Award, the Brown Martin Philadelphia Award, and the Victory Foundation Award. Applications that have been submitted for these awards will be filed and kept for consideration as soon as we have determined how the Barrymore Celebration will move forward. Theatre Philadelphia Emergency Relief includes contributions from the CHG Charitable Trust, the June and Steve Wolfson Family Foundation, and the Victory Foundation, who also provide support to Theatre Philadelphia’s Barrymore program. Information about this program is available at

2020 Application.

*Site visits for finalists will be conducted May through July. If your program is holding pertinent events or classes and you would like to request a site visit before May 1st, please send a Letter of Intent to Programs Manager, James Haro ( with your program name, a brief overview of your work, and a summary and the date(s) and time(s) of the event or class. The 2020 Application can be sent separately by the due date.

CLICK HERE for information about Barrymore Special Awards and a Program Overview.

*It is not a requirement to have a Barrymore Participating show for this award, as long as compensation benchmarks are met. To learn more about compensation benchmarks, click here

Award Recipients

2019 Theatre Horizon
2018 The Wilma Theater
2017 Curio Theatre Company
2016 1812 Outreach
1812 Productions