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Theatre Philadelphia celebrates another successful year promoting our region’s thriving theatrical community.  In the past season, we have:

  • Established Philly Theatre Week as an annual tradition, promoting 300 unique events from February 6th-16th
  • Re-Designed our Barrymore Awards trophy with local artist Sharif Pendleton
  • Made the boldest changes in the Barrymores since our re-boot in 2012
  • Awarded $92,000 to artists and organizations at the 2019 Barrymore Awards Ceremony, recognizing work of emerging artists and companies, education and social justice work at our theatres
  • Implemented our new, more inclusive Barrymore eligibility requirements and judging panels, and announced our first Outstanding Outdoor Theatre Production Award
  • Partnered with Art-Reach to ensure 6,084 Pennsylvania residents could see theatre for just $2 per ticket
  • Published 18 new critical responses to work thanks to our partnership with thINKingDANCE
  • Welcomed over 175,000 people to our website to help them find shows to see

Your support is critical to helping theatre get the recognition it deserves, and to have Philadelphia be known as the place for risk-taking, collaborative, thoughtful theatre that reflects our time.
To make a donation, please utilize the button to donate now via PayPal, complete a pledge form, or mail a check to:

Theatre Philadelphia
1315 Walnut St
Studio 732
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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