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We're Here Because You Are

Wish upon a star, become pen-pals with the creature under your bed and wander the home of monsters on their lunch break. This show acts as a storybook gallery, filled with performance vignettes and a grown-up Mother Goose-style labyrinth. Explore the world of curious creatures at your own leisure, or log on during performance times to peek through live-streamed keyholes, learn spells, and get your spooky on! Remember, we’re here because you are!

Explore the gallery at any time for the duration of the Fringe Festival (website open at all times for free to explore at your own pace), or join us to interact live during our performance times.

Live performance times include:
September 29th 7pm
September 29th 8pm
October 3rd, 7pm
October 3rd, 8pm

Closing Soon
Sep 10 - Oct 3, 2020
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