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We Can't Wait

It’s been so long since we’ve come back together that we’ve forgotten how. Static, a far-off voice; it is a long distance call—Jae, reaching you from the other end of the universe. Jae has a series of intergalactic transmissions to share, from different pockets of the galaxy: the experiences of lives and cultures in a time of isolation. And Jae has a challenge for you: can you make a beacon to bring us all back together?

We Can’t Wait is a pre-recorded phone adventure for one audience member. It’s an experience that’s perfect for teens and pre-teens, fans of fantasy and sci-fi, crafty types and folks looking to flex their creativity at home, and anyone who likes to curl up on a cold afternoon and let fiction transport you to another world. You’ll choose the order in which you experience the story, while following guidelines to craft a unique artifact all your own.

Run time: 30 min+, depending on participant’s time doing each activity

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Mar 14 - Mar 27, 2021
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