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PlaNet Radio (Other Orbits Episode 1) is an aural theatrical broadcast unlike any other! Spin the cosmic dial into the sounds and songs of this epic, alternative planet. Featuring animals, mutants, A.I., thing beings, and the sentient planet itself; you’ll get to eavesdrop on walrus gossip, bop to pop songs created by mushrooms, catch up on historic planetary news and philosophical discourse from the planet’s immortal creatures. Whatever your audio proclivities, PlaNet Radio (Other Orbits Episode 1) has all the frequencies guaranteed to satisfy and tantalize your curious ears!

You get to choose your own adventure by tuning into any of the six, wild broadcasts!
PlaNet Radio is the introductory episode to the otherworldly project OTHER ORBITS which is unfolding over the course of 9 multimedia episodes. Tune in now!

Philly Theatre Week:
April 1 - 10

Virtual, On-Demand

Estimated Run Time

60 minutes
Closing Soon
Apr 1 - Apr 10, 2022
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