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“Welcome, everyone, to the commentary.” Helen Bryant-Dancer, the polarizing creator of the short-lived television series FAN FARE, swishes around a glass of vodka rocks and occupies a dim and dreary recording booth in one last ditch effort to salvage her legacy. But as her expectations explode in dramatic fashion, she is forced to face her demons alone -- and on mic.

COMMENTARY is an original solo-play by James Haro, directed by Jenna Kuerzi, which will be presented as a filmed digital theatre piece for the Free Fringe Philly festival.

COMMENTARY by James Haro
Directed by Jenna Kuerzi

The Cast:
HELEN: Minou Pourshariati
MICHELLE: Donovan Lockett
GABRIEL: Newton Buchanan

Running September 25th - October 4th. Sales start September 21st - for more info go to

A link to the streaming site will be sent after reservations are made, which will be available for a limited time during the final full week of the fest, from Friday, September 25th through Sunday, October 4th.


Virtual Event Comedy
Closing Soon
Sep 25 - Oct 4, 2020
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