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Theatre Philadelphia Announces 2018-19 Barrymore Nominators and Judges

Jun 26, 2018

Press Contact:
Leigh Goldenberg, Executive Director

Theatre Philadelphia Announces 2018-19 Barrymore Adjudicators

June 26, 2018 (Philadelphia, PA) - With the launch of the 2018-19 Barrymore Awards season on July 1, Theatre Philadelphia announces selected nominators and judges to adjudicate the upcoming year of performances.

The Barrymore Awards are a nationally recognized symbol of excellence for professional theatre in the Greater Philadelphia region, honoring local artists and theatre companies since 1994. In addition to awarding accomplishments in performance, design, and direction, the Barrymores bestow an annual Lifetime Achievement Award, as well four cash awards, which re-grant over $75,000 each year to artists and organizations.

Each spring, Theatre Philadelphia’s Barrymore Oversight Committee selects a pool of 12 Judges and 76 Nominators to adjudicate the upcoming season of Barrymore-eligible productions. Nominators vote to make recommendations to the Judges, who then determine nominees and recipients. Categories range from performance to design, choreography, original music, New Plays, and direction. This year, Theatre Philadelphia’s Board approved a change that all performance categories at the Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre will be gender-inclusive, with binary male and female designations replaced with gender-inclusive Performer categories.

Theatre Philadelphia is dedicated to celebrating Philadelphia’s diverse and growing theatre community, and creating changes that will make a lasting impact. In addition to making changes on awards categories, Theatre Philadelphia has examined its pool of Barrymore nominators and judges.

“We've embarked on a two-year process where the Diversity and Inclusion and Barrymore Oversight Committees have actively recruited nominators and judges with the values of diversity and inclusion at the forefront, resulting in changes to the make-up of this key group of volunteers,” says executive director Leigh Goldenberg.

The 2018-19 application push resulted in a 30% increase in applications from 2017. From the pool of 176 applications, the Barrymore Oversight Committee identified a selection of 77 nominators and 12 judges. According to Theatre Philadelphia, 50% of judges selected for the 2018-19 season identify as a person of color. For selected 2018-19 Nominators, 44% specified being a person of color. This year’s selection also saw an increase of the number of cis-gendered women to 83%.

“Barrymore nominators and judges, nominees, and award recipients must be reflective of Philadelphia’s diverse community. We aim to ensure those viewing and judging the work on stage come from a variety of backgrounds reflective of our city’s population and of those artists telling the stories,” she says. "This may lead us to not only a more inclusive awards ceremony, but a more inclusive theatre community and city”.

In addition to the Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre, Theatre Philadelphia programs include Philly Theatre Week, and a Marketing and Speaker Series program, which provides local theatres with tools and education on building audiences. Theatre Philadelphia's website, e-newsletter, and active social media presence connect audiences to what's on stage across the Greater Philadelphia region.

This summer, Theatre Philadelphia will host open office hours on Monday, July 2 and Monday, July 9, from 3-5pm at the Wilma’s Good Karma Cafe at 265 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

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2018-2019 Judges:

Charlie DelMarcelle
Tanesha Ford
Heather Helinsky
Leila Joffe
Nick Jonczak
Nicole Miller Marks
Teresa Miller
Cathy Simpson
Joanna Smith
Tai Verley
Stephanie Walters
Erin Washburn

2018-2019 Nominators:

Nick Anselmo
Brey Ann Barrett
David Bazemore
Dorien Belle
Jay Berkowitz
Andrew Blasenak
Damon Bonetti
Shelli Pentimall Bookler
Daniel Boulos
Rebecca Bradbeer
Luke Bradt
Melanie Breaux
Terry Brennan
Jamie Brunson
Brandi Burgess
Kaelem Camper
Andrew Carroll
Mark Costello
Marisol Custodio
Eliana Fabiyi
Bill Felty
Lucas Fendlay
Kasual Owens-Fields
Sara Garonzik
Emma Gibson
Susan Giddings
Nan Gilbert
Kevin Glaccum
Kae Greenberg
Joel Guerrero
Dany Guy
Maurice Hall
Lauren Hallenbeck
Chanta Harris
Robert Harris
Adiah Hicks
Matthew Hultgren
Leigh Jackson
Jessica Johnson
Annette Kaplafka
Ardencie Hall-Karambe
Alex Keiper
Maria Konstantinidis
Jenna Kuerzi
Cassandra Lewis
Joe Lex
Eli Lynn
Sara Madden
Brennen Malone
Celeste Mann
Brett Mapp
Ibrahim Miari
Liam Mulshine
Deborah Mozes
Kathryn Osenlund
Michael Osinski
Katherine Perry
Minou Pourshariati
Darnelle Radford
Veronica Redd
Iraisa Ann Reilly
Steven Sass
Sarah Scafidi
Kyleen Shaw
Keith Spencer
Nicole Stacie
Jonathan Steadman
Vanessa Sterling
Ryane Nicole Studivant
Derek Thompson
Natalia De La Torre
Rob Tucker
Gilberto Vega
Mona Washington
Keith Watford
Paige Zubel