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The 2019 Barrymore Awards: We Want Your Feedback

Dec 2, 2019

As the region's theatre marketing and leadership organization, Theatre Philadelphia relies on committed volunteers to inform and direct our ever-evolving program offerings. Our Barrymore Oversight Committee works year-round to make the Barrymore Awards a reflective and responsive program, one that fits our mission to celebrate and promote the theatrical community in our region.

We are seeking feedback from you - yes, YOU -- on the Barrymore Awards program. Why? Because your responses help us grow and evolve.

What did we learn from last year's survey? 

Some key takeaways included:
80% of respondents said YES there were ways that the Barrymore program could more effectively celebrate what makes Philadelphia unique. 

Primary barriers to entry for participation in the Barrymore program included: 
-required minimum of 12 performances
-payment minimums for performers and creative team
-genre of theatre-making that defies standard categorization

We also heard from the survey that we share values in our region such as: 
Community, Diversity, Livable wages, Inclusion, Innovation, and Collaboration

Whether an artist or administrator, audience member or supporter, we want your feedback on how we are meeting our goals and how we can evolve.

Please take this 10 minute survey to share your impressions and vision for the Barrymores. Additional background information on the Barrymores, Theatre Philadelphia, and the intended uses for your feedback are included in the link.


Please share widely! We are seeking responses by December 31, 2019, and look forward to sharing feedback and proposed changes to the Barrymores in 2020.

Thank you for your participation!