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Closing Remarks from the 2017 Barrymore Awards

Oct 31, 2017

On October 30, 2017, Theatre Philadelphia hosted the 2017 Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre. Here are the remarks shared by our Executive Director at the close of the ceremony. 

I’m Leigh Goldenberg, Executive Director of Theatre Philadelphia and the only thing standing between you and the open bar down the street.

I want to thank the many people who made tonight possible, and contribute to Theatre Philadelphia’s work year-round: Our nominators and judges who attended over 100 plays this season, our incredible team of volunteers for tonight’s Ceremony and Celebration, our passionate Board of Directors for their vision, our energetic committee members for rolling up their sleeves, and our small but mighty staff for tying it all together.

Since I joined the organization in January, we have been working to ensure Theatre Philadelphia represents our region and the artists that work on and off stage.

In addition to launching a weekly e-newsletter, recruiting a diverse group of Barrymore nominators and judges for this current season, and approving a strategic plan, here are a few other things we’ve been up to that I’m very excited to share with you tonight.

1. Our 2017-18 Season of Barrymore adjudication is well underway! Our 70 nominators and 12 judges have been off seeing shows and this year, they are including a new award in the process. The Outstanding Media Design Award will recognize designers’ work in projections, video, and other digital media. We look forward to seeing the nominees and recipient a year from now!

2. We’ve launched a Speaker Series on marketing, communications, and all things digital for artists and administrators. This is an ongoing opportunity to learn best practices from professionals outside our sector. This series is part of our key goal to empower our colleagues to build audiences for their work.

3. In February, we will host our newly named Marquee Dinner, an intimate event honoring our city’s generous supporters and celebrating our artists. Last year, we gathered previous recipients of the F. Otto Haas Award in appreciation of Carole Haas Gravagno’s two decades of support of individual artists. This year, we will celebrate new plays in Philadelphia and thank the Independence Foundation for their leadership in the field. Stay tuned for your invitation, as seating will be limited!

4. Lastly, and here’s the big one. Theatre Philadelphia is launching a NEW initiative this winter. We’re thrilled to invite you all to Philly Theatre Week, February 8 to the 18th, 2018. This region-wide celebration of theatre will include your productions, readings, discussions, parties, and special events, and will be free for theatres and artists to participate. We look forward to building Theatre Week into an iconic event, making Philadelphia known to residents and visitors as a great place for theatre. We’ll be inviting you all to a virtual meeting in a few weeks to learn more about how you be part of the first Philly Theatre Week.

And with that, please join us all at University of the Arts’ Hamilton Hall - just a block down the street for food, drinks, and dancing! Thank you and good night! 

Closing Remarks from the 2017 Barrymore Awards