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What is Theatre Philadelphia?

Founded in 2012, Theatre Philadelphia is dedicated to bringing together and celebrating Philadelphia's diverse and growing theatre community. We are committed to leading efforts that grow audiences and promote the public's participation in this community's work. Over the past several decades, Philadelphia has transformed into a major regional theatre community, with a remarkable blossoming of new companies and new buildings, a growing pool of exceptional artists, and fiercely committed and curious audiences and supporters. Theatre Philadelphia envisions a region that celebrates this growing and ever-changing theatre community – nurturing local theatre artists, fostering the creation of extraordinary work, forging stronger connections between our art and audiences – recognizing that a diverse, robust, and thriving theatre community can play a pivotal role in making Philadelphia a world-class city. Theatre Philadelphia's programs include this website, the annual Barrymore Awards, and strategies for audience awareness and growth.

If you are a representative of a professional theatre company and would like more information about participating in the Barrymore Awards, please see our Submit a Production to the Barrymore Awards page.

If you are a theatre artist or just love theatre in Philadelphia, there are many other ways for you to get involved with Theatre Philadelphia!


Leigh Goldenberg, Executive Director
Katherine Clark, Marketing Manager
James Haro, Programs Manager

Board of Directors

Jason Lindner, President
*Steve Pacek, Vice President
Courtney Spiker Martin, Treasurer
Deborah Block, Secretary
Patreshettarlini Adams
Rachel Camp
Kash Goins
*Grace E. Grillet
*Leonard C. Haas
Matthew F. Lewandowski II
Erlina Ortiz
Daniel Perelstein

Alumni Board Members

*Susan D. Atkinson
Iain Campbell
Eileen Cella
Akeem Davis
Ryanne Domingues
Jameson Gilpatrick
*Kevin Glaccum
James Ijames
*Amy L. Murphy
*Terry Nolen
*Erin Reilly
*Anne Shuff
Patricia Stranahan
Anneliese Van Arsdale
*Thom Weaver

Committee Members

Barrymore Ceremony and Reception  
Steve Pacek, Chair
Molly Braverman
Matthew Lewandowski II

Barrymore Oversight
Rachel Camp, Chair
Patreshettarlini Adams
Natalia de la Torre
Katherine Fritz
Eliana Fabiyi
Kash Goins
Alex Keiper
Leonard Kelly
Adrienne Mackey
LaNeshe Miller
Dan O'Neil
Paige Price
Lane Savadove
Lindsay Smiling

Board Development
Grace Grillet, Chair
Leonard C. Haas
James Ijames
Erin Reilly

Diversity and Inclusion
Akeem Davis, Chair
Nia Benjamin
Deborah Block
David Bradley
Brandi Burgess
Walter Deshields
Ryanne Domingues
Ife Foy
Grace Gonglewski
Terrell Green
Nick Jonczak
Danielle Lenee
Rachel O'Hanlon-Rodriuguez
Erlina Ortiz
Pax Ressler
Carlos Roa
Brett Robinson
Desi Shelton
Melody Wong
Annie Wilson
Rebecca Wright

Grace Grillet, Chair
Stacy Maria Dutton
Amy Murphy
Fran Murphy
Courtney Spiker Martin
Patricia Stranahan
Emily Zeck

Eileen Cella, Chair
Melanie Breaux
David Jadico
Terry Nolen
Erin Reilly

Amy Murphy, Chair
Molly Braverman
Carol Flannery
Christine Koszuch
LaNeshe Miller White
Jason Lindner

Click here for information about our Barrymore Award Voters.

*Founding Board Member