The Barrymore Awards

The Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre
Welcome to the 2014/15 season!
This season, an all-volunteer team of dedicated theatre artists, critics, and scholars will see over 100 professional productions throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. We will honor and celebrate our community's collective achievement at the all-new Barrymore Awards in fall 2015.

What are the Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre?
The Barrymore Awards have served as Philadelphia's professional theatre awards program since 1994, recognizing artists for excellence and innovation while increasing awareness of the richness of our city's thriving theatre community. The Barrymore Awards are a nationally recognized symbol of excellence for professional theatre in our region, raising the bar for the work produced by local theatres and individual artists while generating coverage in local and national media. Theatre Philadelphia also seeks to leverage the Barrymore Awards to provide high-value marketing exposure for all submitted productions and participating theatres.

What does "Barrymore Recommended" mean?
To become Barrymore Recommended, at least five of eight randomly-selected Barrymore Nominators must record a "yes" vote in any one award category. Productions deemed Barrymore Recommended will move to the Barrymore Judges for further consideration. Barrymore Recommended productions for the 2014/15 season >>>

How do theatres submit productions for Barrymore Award consideration?
Theatre companies may submit professional productions for Barrymore Award consideration following certification of the following:

  • Producing theatre company must be a 501(c)(3) or fiscally-sponsored organization
  • Producing theatre company and performance venue must be within a 35-mile radius of Philadelphia's City Hall
  • Submitted production must have a minimum of twelve (12) attendable performances (this may include previews)
  • Submitted production must meet or exceed the following pay scale: Actors $150/week; Designers: $500/production; Directors: $750/production
  • Submitted production must not have been mounted by the producing theatre company within its previous seven (7) seasons
  • Producing theatre company must remit a submission fee of $60 per submitted production
  • Producing theatre company must provide one (1) or two (2) complimentary tickets to each of eight (8) randomly-selected Nominators for initial Barrymore consideration. For productions elevated to Barrymore Recommended status, producing theatre company must provide an additional one (1) to two (2) complimentary tickets to twelve (12) Judges who determine nominees and winners in each award category.
  • Productions must be submitted via email at least eight (8) weeks before first preview
  • Note: touring productions are ineliglble

For more information or discuss the submission process, please contact Joel Sumner, Administrative Director, at or 267.761.9950.

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