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The Rocky Awards

The Rocky Awards: Philadelphia’s One and Only Award Show For DANCE! The Rockies were created in 2001 by FringeArts founder Nick Stuccio in response to the growing dance scene as a peer-to-peer award show. It was originally conceived as a staple event of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival to celebrate the distinct voices in our city, especially as younger homegrown companies of the time began to branch out and find success elsewhere. Over the years, the award show has been organized by various intrepid volunteers and organizations, significantly by Dance/UP with Lois Welk at the helm. After the closure of our city’s former dance service organization, a committee of volunteers including Thomas Choinacky, Keila Cordova, Anna Drozdowski, Julius Ferraro, Christina Gesualdi, and Annie Wilson, among many others, kept the show going for several years. The 2020 Rocky Awards, instigated by Mira Treatman, represents new era of the show where community stalwarts will band together to create a sustainable community and peer-to-peer celebration to look forward to each year, sans a dedicated service organization.


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