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REV’s mandate is to re-invent and re-imagine the great classical plays and to present them in non-traditional, site-specific performance spaces. We have performed the works of Shakespeare and his Jacobean contemporaries on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, iconic Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, a parking lot in New York, a pier on the Hudson River, a tiny storefront on the Lower East Side of NYC and the previously empty, disused lot next to the Broad Street Ministry.

Audiences come to our productions expecting to be actively involved as we bring the audience into the world of the play. We acknowledge and encourage direct communication and response from our audiences, engaging them in a collective participation with the performers, the story, the action, the space and each other.

Our musical cabarets (the 1940s Cabaret, REV’s Vaudeville and our Graveyard Cabaret) have also proved extremely popular with audiences in many cities.

All of these outdoor productions enable REV to engage with communities that cross racial, cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds in New York, the Tri-State area and in Pennsylvania. Taking our work into these communities is also an integral part of our long-term goal of developing new audiences for classical theatre.

REV’s partnerships with social agencies are an essential and vital part of our company’s programming. In the winter we work with at- risk children and teenagers on a Shakespeare program that culminates in free community performances. Every summer we bring together seniors and teens for a multi-generational musical production that is offered once again free of charge to the public.



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