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Playwriting with Purpose: A Guide and Workbook for New Playwrights

"Playwriting with Purpose: A Guide and Workbook for New Playwrights" provides a holistic approach to playwriting from an award-winning playwright and instructor.

This book incorporates craft lessons by contemporary playwrights, offers active writing prompts, and provides concrete guidance for new and emerging playwrights. The author takes readers through the entire creative process, from creating characters and writing dialog and silent moments to analysing elements of well-made plays and creating an atmospheric environment. Each chapter is followed by writing prompts and pro-tips that address unique facets of the conversation about the art and craft of playwriting. The book also includes information on the business of playwriting and a recommended reading list of published classic and contemporary plays, providing all the tools to successfully transform an idea into a script, and a script into a performance.

"Playwriting with Purpose" gives writers and students of Playwriting hands-on lessons, artistic concepts, and business savvy to succeed in today’s theatre industry.

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