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Based in Philadelphia, ENAensemble is a group of musicians who specialize in mixed-media performance. ENAensemble does theatricalized performances of film, opera, cabaret, and more. Founded by Evan Kassof, Nicole Renna, and Anaïs Naharro-Murphy in the summer of 2018, ENAensemble’s first performance was The Propaganda Machine Show presented as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. The Propaganda Machine Show featured a 1939 propaganda film, screened with live orchestra and narrator, Evan Kassof’s 2015 opera Greenland in a fully-staged production, and a newly devised cabaret by Nicole Renna that addressed cultural propaganda aimed at women. Building on the success of The Propaganda Machine Show, ENAensemble has three major productions in development for 2019: chasing the moon – a staged performance of Pierrot Lunaire, a multi-month serial opera, and a major work for the 2019 Fringe Festival.





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