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The Way I Walk

It’s all about playing the game until the game starts playing you.
In an American corporate office, four women co-workers are given a team-building exercise. Office friends but real-life strangers, they work via Zoom like millions of others— so close but so far away. What begins as an awkward conversation to make the boss happy turns into a startling and revealing look at four unique individuals, each on her own path, rolling the dice, and playing the cards she's dealt. In this real-life game, what does it mean for a woman to ‘lose a turn’ or ‘go bankrupt?’ Does anybody ever get to ‘pass go’ and make that $200? At what point do you say, ”To hell with it,” and start making up your own rules? As these four teammates show, there is so much joy and laughter to be had in life, but sometimes it’s a long walk to get there.

Estimated Run Time

90 minutes
Closing Soon
Apr 29 - May 23, 2021
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