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The Rags of Time: J. Robert Oppenheimer

Exclamation Theater, Inc. “The Rags of Time”: J. Robert Oppenheimer by A.S. Ruch is now a one-hour film, available free-of-charge to educators and the public. It is available for continuous viewing through Vimeo and YouTube, and is meant to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the atom bomb. The film was shot, under pandemic circumscriptions, Fall, 2020. The one-man performance, a wholly imaginary internal monologue by Dr. Oppenheimer, a scientist instrumental in showing us how to end the world, and predicated on his concern between the clash of Physics and Metaphysics while in the final weeks of his life, is portrayed by John B. Comegno, II, Esq., a long-time Exclamation Theater, Inc. Company member. Thanks to our grantors, the film is currently available to the public without charge. This presentation is Exclamation Theater's seventh one-person production and 126th company presentation, and celebrates the theater's 26th anniversary. The links below will take you there.


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Jan 4 - Jan 13, 2021
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