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Murder Manor: An Improvised Game of Clue

The Halloween season is the perfect time for intrigue, murder...and improv!

Welcome to Murder Manor.

Six strangers gather at a dinner party during a dark and stormy night to meet a mysterious host only to find themselves in the middle of a murder.

Based on the famous board game (that we cannot mention here), six improvisers from CSz Philadelphia become a gang of unlikely and hysterical suspects.

Audience members provide them with hilarious secrets, any of which could be the clue to the identity of the killer.

In the end, the audience gets to guess who the killer is.

Will you be right? There is only one way to find out.

This is Murder Manor, an improvised murder mystery that never ends the same way twice, except with a lot of laughs.


Kristin Finger

Estimated Run Time

60 Minutes


Comedy Mystery
Closing Soon
Oct 5 - Oct 26, 2018
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Adrienne Theatre
2030 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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