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#AllLivesDontMatter is a political piece. It is a social justice piece. It is a historical piece. It is current. It is creative expression. It is a laying on of hands. It is open. It is raw. It is cleansing. It is unapologetic. It is a theatrical tapestry that uses poetry, song, narrative, and dance to weave together episodic movements of what it is like being Black in America. #AllLivesDontMatter explores the conditions that many Blacks face as they try to navigate in a society that views them as expendable. #AllLivesDontMatter is a virtual event.

Written and Directed

Dr. Ardencie Hall-Karambe

Contributing Writers

Eboni Ferguson
Nicole Stacie
Rhonda Davis
K. Greenfield
Kevens Duffault

Music By

Dr. Ardencie Hall-Karambe
Jason Stewart


Tasha Holmes
Jonathan Steadman
Courtney Lyneé
Jason Stewart
Taylor J. Mitchell
Pierce Williams
Sharlena Johnson
Rodd Deon


Nicole Stacie
Brian Wilson
Zuhairah McGill
Ashley Spearman


Virtual Event Drama
Sep 10 - Oct 4, 2020
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