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Theatre Philadelphia Anti-Racism Action Plan
Published October 13, 2020

Theatre Philadelphia’s Staff and Board of Directors commit the organization to an anti-racism action plan with the goal of removing systems of white supremacy within our organization and support efforts made by Philadelphia’s theatre community to do the same. 

These are priorities on which we will act on immediately:  

  1. Hire a new Executive Director who holds anti-racism work as a priority in their vision for Theatre Philadelphia (*Completed: August 2020*)

  2. Form an Anti-Racism Action Committee by the end of 2020 that will work with the organization to further research, develop, implement, and maintain accountability for anti-racism initiatives in our organization. They will also provide support for our anti-racism goals by examining and updating this document as needed and holding the organization accountable to this plan.

  3. Support Philadelphia theatres in their anti-racism work and encourage transparency and amplify positive action taken. This will include an ongoing data project which will create benchmarks of representation in Philadelphia theatre audiences and workforce, as well as creating a resource page on our website.

  4. Create and promote institutional processes that prioritize accountability around hiring practices and inclusivity

    a) Participation with Theatre Philadelphia through our programming (Philly Theatre Week, etc) will require demonstration of basic levels of accessibility and diversity. 

  5. Create and promote institutional processes that offer individual theatre workers a much needed place to share harm and grievances and share resources with organizations to diminish and adjust harm. 

  6. Nominate at least 2 additional BIPOC members to the Theatre Philadelphia Board of Directors by the end of the year which will bring the percentage of BIPOC members from ~30% (avg. since 2018) to 50% (at least 5 of 10 board members). 

    a) This will include ensuring that the institutional practices, current demands of volunteering, and other organizational policies facilitate an anti-racist environment.

  7. Amplify BIPOC Artists and Organizations on Theatre Philadelphia's website and social media

    a) Commit to access for BIPOC artists and organizations through affordable fees, as well as continued work on creating visibility while not participating in tokenism

    b) Commit to sensitivity and refusal to accept submissions of listings that are discriminatory or racist

    c) Re-boot the marketing committee with a focus on amplifying BIPOC artists and organizations and anti-racist marketing practices

    d) Commit to launching a vendor page on our website to amplify BlPOC business partners

  8. Remove barriers and create an accessible and transparent process for recruiting board members, committee members, and volunteers to the organization

We recognize that as a predominantly white institution we have benefited from systems of white supremacy and off of the labor of BIPOC artists without giving those artists the compensation, recognition, and leadership they deserve. We will do better. This is only a beginning. Black Lives Matter.

-Theatre Philadelphia Board & Staff

Jason Lindner, Board President
Kash Goins
Emily Zeck
Rachel Camp
Patreshettarlini Adams
Deborah Block
Steve Pacek
Erlina Ortiz 
LaNeshe Miller-White, Executive Director
Katherine Clark, Marketing Manager
James Haro, Programs Manager