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Oct 5, 2021

Hi, Philadelphia Theatre Folx!

Are you looking for ways to hire, get to know, and co-conspire with Philly's trans and non-binary theatre artists? Visit Genderfunk Philly on Instagram to meet their extraordinary artists, learn about their work, and reach out to hire these collaborators for your projects. 

Genderfunk Philly just announced the artists of their new Resident Artist Project—an initiative that pays 9 Black trans & non-binary artists to make their own work on their own terms, funded by the Trans Resilience Fund of the Gender Justice Fund. Take a look!

If you aren't following their work already, Genderfunk Philly invites you to follow their Instagram and use it as a resource:

  • Visit the story highlights to find a ROLODEX of trans and non-binary artists organized by discipline: technicians, stage managers, choreographers, performers, musicians, stage managers, directors, producers, dramaturgs, and more.
  • Stay tuned to the posts and stories for announcements, gigs, education opportunities, guest Instagrammers, and more. 
  • Click the link in bio for more on each of Genderfunk's featured artists, causes, fundraisers, mutual aid, petitions, and much more. 
  • Visit the posts on the feed for in-depth features on the artists, quotes, affirmations, quotes, and projects—like the new, grant-funded Resident Artist Project. 

Tuning into Genderfunk Philly is one small way (among many) that you can co-conspire to dismantle the systems that create barriers for trans and non-binary artists. You can be a part of building a future where trans and non-binary artists are at the helm of their own stories, paid fairly for their work, and recognized for what they are—an integral part of Philly's theatre sector.