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Black Lives Matter

Jun 1, 2020

Monday, June 1, 2020
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Theatre Philadelphia speaks out against the police brutality that has resulted in the death of George Floyd and in support of those who are protesting years and years of unaddressed racial violence and injustice.

To our Black community members who are hurt, tired, and are once more forced to take actions to defend their right to live, we stand with you.

We recognize that institutions, including those with artistic missions and purposes, have perpetuated the violence caused by white supremacy in America. Theatre Philadelphia will work to make strides forward to listen to and hold space for Black artists and their needs in this moment and as we move ahead.

We believe change can also be propelled by art, and that theatre, in particular, can inspire radical empathy, create a space where voices are heard, and bring communities together to heal during times of national grieving.

We entreat our colleagues and constituents to reflect on how we can dismantle the racist systems we’ve inherited and helped maintain, and then act to make change. At this time, please consider a donation to the causes listed below to help facilitate that change.