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Pianist/Singer For Established Tribute Act

Angry Young Band: The Billy Joel Tribute
Post Date: Sep 20, 2021

Singer/Pianist Needed For Established Tribute Act

Angry Young Band:The Billy Joel Tribute is seeking a permanent new “Billy.”

Launched in 2018, this tribute quickly established a local following in and around Philadelphia with 2-3 shows per month. While most of our shows were bar gigs, we also played larger community events, Xfinity Live, and a concert series in Central PA.

You can see us in action here: https://youtu.be/NBSUpIlWCgQ

Now, we are looking to make the leap into corporate events, small theaters, and similar venues with few, if any, long nights in bars. To take this next step, we need a frontman who can handle the piano parts and vocals with minimal changes to song keys or structures.

This can be a great opportunity to sit down, play for an appreciative audience, and get paid, as we already handle booking, promotion, etc. Or, you are welcome to take a more active role in the creative and business aspects.

Above all, however, we need someone who can channel the energy, vocal range, and technical prowess of the classic 1976-1988 lineup. If you can do that, we can keep you working.

If you’re interested, please respond with clips of your playing and a brief summary of your experience. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


$100 - $300 per show

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How to Apply

Please provide a video of your playing along with a brief summary of your performance experience. jack.firneno@gmail.com