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South Camden Theatre Company
Post Date: Jun 21, 2022

AUDITION NOTICE! We are still seeking non-equity actors for this upcoming regional premiere of A GOOD FARMER by Sharyn Rothstein – Directed by Scott R. Grumling. Auditions should be submitted as a 1-2 minute video monologue.

Production Dates: September 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 2022 (Fridays & Saturdays at 8 PM; Sundays at 2 PM).

Plot Description: A moving drama laced with humor and heartache, A Good Farmer is the story of two women—a farm owner and her unlikely best friend, an illegal Mexican immigrant—fighting to survive in a small town divided by America’s immigration battle. A Good Farmer is a play about love, friendship, and finding the power to face what divides us.

Roles Available:

Bonnie Johnson, Caucasian female, Early 30s—a farmer who owns her own cabbage and dairy farm. Bonnie’s best friend is Carla. They depend on each other to survive. She took over the running of her husband’s family farm during his battle with cancer and after his death. Bonnie is a fighter, fiercely protective, not easily intimidated, and does not back down. To cope with grief, loss, and fear, she relies heavily on her sense of humor.

Carla Gutierrez, Latina female, Late 20s-Early 30s—an illegal immigrant from Mexico, a farmer. Carla is the mother of two. She is direct, practical, and loyal. She does whatever is necessary to protect her family. She faces circumstances directly, no matter how scary. Carla is clear about what she wants, insightful about others’ motivation, and is excellent at giving boundaries. The role requires a Spanish accent.

David Johnson, Caucasian male, Mid 30s-Late 30s—Bonnie’s husband; sick with terminal stomach cancer. David is a fair and just person with a big heart and a keen ability to read others. David wants to leave a legacy that will help Carla and her family and that will reassure him that Bonnie, the love of his life, will have people around her to love – a new family after she’s lost him.

Gabe DuBay, Caucasian male, Mid 30s-Late 30s—A single father who has recently discovered that life can be meaner than he is, and the lesson shows on him. He is often drunk and struggling to cope with emotional pain and growing feelings of powerlessness.

Lu, Caucasian female, Late 30s-Early 50s—A Nurse to David. She has a special bond with David. Lu, and her devotion to nurturing and protecting life in whatever ways she can, is the driving force that first brings Bonnie and Carla together.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and must provide proof of vaccination with your submission.

Additional Important Information:

1.) Rehearsals will begin in late June (approximately 3 times per week until opening—no rehearsals will be held from July 1 to July 9.) Tech rehearsals and final dress rehearsals will be held from September 4 to September 8.

2.) Rehearsals will be in person for the duration of the rehearsal schedule. There will be no Zoom rehearsals for this production.

3.) Those auditioning for the roles of Bonnie and Carla should have little to no conflicts for the duration of the rehearsal schedule.

4.) Please submit a list of all potential conflicts between the dates of June 19 and September 8 when you send an audition reel.

5.) All actors cast will be asked to memorize a majority of their lines before the beginning of blocking rehearsals (approximately July 10).

6.) A $250 stipend is paid.

If you are interested in auditioning, please e-mail your headshot, resume, and audition reel to before Friday, June 24th.


$250.00 Stipend

Job Category

How to Apply

Please submit a 1-2 minute monologue to our Assistant Production Manager.