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Auditions for The Winter's Tale/The Alchemist in rotating repertory

Post Date: Jan 12, 2022

Seeking actors to play all roles. Doubling to be decided in casting. See breakdown below. Quintessence is committed to diversity in all hiring and is considering all genders and races for all roles, particularly actors from under-represented populations.

First rehearsal - 2/9/2022
First preview - 3/16/2022
Opening - 3/25/2022
Closing - 4/24/2022

The Winter's Tale directed by Alex Burns
The Alchemist directed by Paul Hebron


  • Leontes – King of Sicily (30 – 50), a great leader, thinker, husband suddenly gripped by jealousy. Destroys life and career in his belief that his wife Hermione is carrying the child of his friend Polixenes. Later, he finds awareness, remorse and attempts to repent.
  • Hermione – Queen of Sicily (30 – 50). A charismatic and powerful politician, strong mother, and loving wife. A statuesque beauty. Charming, loyal, patient.
  • Polixenes – King of Bohemia (30 – 50). A childhood playmate to Leontes. Jovial and witty. Later, concerned and cautious.
  • Florizel – Prince of Bohemia, son of Polixenes (18 – 28) . Falls in love with Perdita, thinking she is a shepherdess. Wholesome, loyal, romantic.
  • Antigonus – A loyal Sicilian lord and Paulina’s husband (40 – 60). Decent, but acquiescent to a fault.
  • Autolycus – A traveling salesman, pickpocket and bawd (30 – 50). The life of any party, a trickster always looking for someone to swindle or seduce.
  • Perdita – Princess of Sicilia, daughter of Leontes and Hermione (16 – 26). A princess by birth but brought up by shepherds. One with her natural surroundings, bold, intelligent, regal. A diamond in the rough.
  • Camillo – A Sicilian attaché devoted to honor (40 – 60). Stoic, sincere, honest.
  • An Old Shepherd – A Bohemian shepherd (50 – 70). Raises the abandoned Perdita as his daughter. Talkative, gullible, good-hearted, honest.
  • The shepherd’s son (20 – 30). Comedic relief. Gawky, good-natured natural, if a bit dull.


  • Face – The housekeeper. Sets out to take advantage of changing circumstances to get rich quick through a series of cons. Resourceful, quick-witted, strong willed, unapologetic, pragmatic. Still, a dreamer. 
  • Subtle – The alchemist. Disguises himself as a doctor and man of science. Grumpy, crafty, shrewd, stubborn, intelligent. A rascal. 
  • Dol Common – A prostitute. Keeps Face and Subtle in line. Dominant, manipulative, unruly, clever, and in her way, wise. A realist. 
  • Sir Epicure Mammon – A knight. Covets the philosopher’s stone for its ability to produce wealth and for its youthful properties. Privileged, materialistic, lusty, self-involved, uncaring. A self-made man. 
  • Dapper – A lawyer’s clerk. Wishes to gain a familiar, a spirit to allow him to cheat and win at gambling. Greedy, gullible, well meaning, unobservant. Easily duped. 
  • Drugger – A tobacco seller, nicknamed “Nab”. Wants supernatural advice on how best to arrange his shop so his business will flourish. Honest, good, straightforward. A plugger. 
  • Pertinax Surly – A gamester, and friend to Sir Epicure Mammon. Disguises himself as a Spanish grandee to uncover the scheme, but is surprised by love. Mocking, critical, skeptical, and tough minded. 
  • Ananias – A deacon. Wants to turn the property of orphans and widows into great wealth that he will use for the church’s political influence. Emotional, greedy, eager, single minded. A true believer. 
  • Tribulation Wholesome – A pastor and church administrator. Attempts to restrain Ananias. Measured, logical, power-hungry, single minded. An opportunist. 
  • Kastril – A young person just come into their fortune. Wants to learn the skill of ”quarrelling”, and how to assert themselves as an adult. Young, aggressive, impressionable, protective. 
  • Dame Pliant – Kastril's sister, a widow. Wants and needs a husband. Easygoing, malleable, but self aware. A survivor. 
  • Lovewit – The master of the house. Leaves London for the countryside at the first sign of the plague. Returns in Act 5 to discover what Face, Subtle, and Dol have been up to. Quick witted, strong willed, pragmatic. A secret romantic. 



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Please submit two monologues, one dramatic and one comedic, to by 1/28/2021 along with headshot/resume.