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Become a Voter

Become a Barrymore Nominator or Judge: APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN!

Apply for the 2022-2023 Season

Deadline: Saturday, May 7th at 11:59 PM.

Are you a theatre person? Do you find yourself thinking about and discussing productions extensively after you've attended them? Would you like to play a role in selecting whose work is recognized in the Greater Philadelphia region? Apply to become a Barrymore Awards Voter! 

Originally established in 1994 and relaunched by Theatre Philadelphia in 2013, the Barrymore Awards serve as Philadelphia’s peer-adjudicated theatre awards program with a mission of increasing public awareness of the richness and diversity of our city's thriving theatre community.

About the Selection Process

In 2019, Theatre Philadelphia's Board approved a plan to separate our Judges into four distinct panels -- Plays, Musicals, Design, and New Work. These new Judge panels were intended to decrease the number of productions Judges were expected to attend, as the number was overwhelming for the smaller panel of Judges in the original system.  Read this article on our Theatre News page for more info.

Each spring, the Barrymore Oversight Committee identifies a pool of 28 Judges (7 per each of the 4 Judge Panels) and approximately 80 Nominators to adjudicate the upcoming season of Barrymore-eligible productions. This annual process begins in March with publication of the Nominator/Judge Application, which is typically due in mid-April. Applicants are notified about the status of their application no later than Memorial Day. There is a mandatory season orientation at the end of June. The Barrymore Awards season runs July 1 to June 30 of the following year.

Read more about the Nominees and Recipients from last season's Barrymore Awards HERE.

Barrymore Judges can typically attended between 20-50 productions, and are required to attend five meetings with fellow Judges to discuss Recommended work.

Nominators have attended approximately 20 or less productions per season, as their schedule allows.

Barrymore Nominators and Judges may serve a maximum of three consecutive seasons, and must reapply and be approved via the selection process conducted annually by the Barrymore Oversight Committee. In order to maximize inclusiveness and ensure fresh perspectives, the Barrymore Oversight Committee seeks to rotate 30% of the existing Nominator/Judge pool each season, through either natural attrition or lottery selection. The Barrymore Oversight Committee is dedicated to creating an annual Nominator/Judge pool of committed and knowledgeable theatre evaluators that are reflective of our community, including artistic discipline, gender, age, ability, race, and ethnic background.

To aid the Barrymore Oversight Committee with this ongoing effort, we invite qualified applicants from all backgrounds and experiences to apply.

For more information about how the Voting Process works for Adjudicators, please see BARRYMORE RULEBOOK.

How to apply

The Application for the 2022-23 Season are now open from March 31st to May 7th, 2022. Please click the following link to complete the online form - Nominator/Judge Application 

Other ways to get involved -

If you'd like to get involved with Theatre Philadelphia we invite you to sign up for our weekly e-newsletter of openings and closings, check out our job board for opportunities, join our list-serv to converse with fellow members of the theatre community. Or, volunteer with one of our other committees to help with marketing, fundraising, diversity and inclusion, and more. 

Barrymore Voters are also enrolled in our new Industry Card benefits program for one year in recognition of their service. To find out more, click here.


You are invited to review the BARRYMORE RULEBOOK

Here is the 2019-20 Orientation Guide provided to our Adjudictators which goes over details about the process and procedures of being a Barrymore Voter.


For the 2019-20 Season of voters, the Barrymore Oversight Committee selected a combined pool of Nominators and Judges (below) who are 43% POC/Mixed, 33% LGBTQ+, and 8% who are transgender, gender non-conforming or gender non-binary. Our 28 person Judge pool is half POC/Mixed, as well as 65% women and 4% transgender, gender non-conforming or gender non-binary.

Our goal for each season is to increase the number of applicants and meet or exceed this breakdown for participants.

Barrymore Judges – 2019-20 Season

Play Panel

Linnea Bond • Marisol Custodio • Charlie DelMarcelle • Leonard Kelly • Teresa Miller • Kittson O'Neill • Tai Verley

Musical Panel

Joel Guerrero • Ardencie Hall-Karambe • Jenna Kuerzi • Celeste Mann • Dan O'Neil • Nicole Stacie • Brian Wilson

Design Panel

Angela Costigan • Daniel Guy • Ryk Lewis • Brett Mapp • Alison Roberts • Anne Marie Scalies • Robin Stamey

New Works Panel

Tanesha Ford • Jeremy Gable • Maurice Hall • Michele Volansky • Stephanie Kyung Sun Walters • Erin Washburn • Paige Zubel

Outdoor Theatre Panel (2018-19 Season)

Cassandra Alexander • Brandi Burgess • Eric D Carter • Natalia de la Torre • Alexandria Hunter • Brad Rothbart • Paige Zubel

Barrymore Nominators – 2019-20 Season

Lois Abdelmalek • Ginger Agnew • A.D. Amorosi • Tamara Anderson • Jody Austin • Deborah Baer Mozes • Dorien Belle  • Barbara Bellman • Jay Berkowitz • Damon Bonetti • Daniel Boulos • Rebecca Bradbeer • Jamie Branagh • Melanie Breaux • Rachel Brodeur • Jamie Brunson • Peter Camp • Andrew Carroll • Sean Pierre Chambers • Lance Channing • Natalia de la Torre • Tiffani Dean • Alyssandra Docherty • Lindsay Drucker • Matthew Falance • Lucas Fendlay • Angela Fennell • Sara Garonzik • Emma Gibson • Susan Giddings • Robert Golphin • Kae Greenberg • Lauren Hallenbeck • Chanta Harris • Robert Harris • Emily Hayes • Adiah Hicks • CJ Higgins • Alexandria Hunter • David Hutchison • Emily Jenik • Gil Johnson • Cassandra Lewis • Joe Lex • Le Anne Lindsay • Courtney Lyneé • Eli Lynn • Brennen Malone • Kathryn McCumber • Megan McDermott • Sheridan Merrick • CJ Miller • Liam Mulshine • Jennifer Nehila • Kathryn Osenlund • Sarah Owens • Jairous L. Parker Sr • Shelli Pentimall Bookler • Katherine Perry • Jenna Pinchbeck • Minou Pourshariati • Ebony Pullum • Veronica Redd • Gwendolyn Ricks-Spencer • Brad Rothbart • Rudy Schreiber • Keith Spencer • Jonathan Steadman • Vanessa Sterling • Ryane Nicole Studivant • Lisa Sullivan • Jamie Talamo • Caitlin Thompson • Krista Thorp • Mona Washington • Keith Watford • Hannah Wolff • Kenny Zhuo