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Summer Marketing Workshop Series with Robert Smythe

Summer Marketing Workshop Series with Robert Smythe
Mondays, 6-9pm
July 9, 16, 23, and 30

$10/Session: Theatre Industry
$25/Session: General

Join Robert Smythe with 4 workshops designed to help you figure out marketing, and to fill your seats with audiences who pay full value for the privilege to do so. These workshops were created with the Philadelphia theatre industry in mind. 

Workshops are capped at 10 participants. Register for all 4 workshops and receive 1 free hour of consulting from Robert Smythe.

July 9th
Who Are You?

Who are you? You can’t promote what you can’t describe. In this workshop we’ll discuss your Unique Value Proposition: the things that tell a prospective customer what you can do for them that no one else can. We’ll also address what the simple truth about selling theater that no one wants to address, but once you understand it you’ll be able to fill those empty seats.

July 16th
Who Are You Talking To?

Who are you talking to? You may be comfortable talking to the people who already buy tickets from you… but what about the people who don’t? There are 4 distinct Buyer Personas who need to hear specific things from you before they buy. Like most theaters, you’re probably only talking to one of them while missing out on 75% of your potential audience. In this workshop you’ll figure out who you’re ignoring and what they need to hear. You’ll even create profiles for the people you want to reach so you know who you’re talking to. (This works best if you come with someone from your organization to bounce ideas off).

July 23rd
What Are You Saying?

What are you saying? Contrary to popular belief, marketing is not advertising. Marketing is communication and education. How good are you at really engaging people in your story? What and when do they hear from you? If your marketing consists of last-minute ads and e-blasts you’re missing enormous opportunities. Develop relationships that start with strangers who become ticket buyers, who become donors, who become board members, who become patrons. In this workshop we’ll discuss the basics of platform-building and how it's the 21st century model for building audiences through cultivating relationships.

July 30th
How Much is Your Work Worth?

How Much is Your Work Worth? When people ask you how much your tickets cost, are you hard-pressed to come up with a figure? Between subscriber discounts, Fun Shares, and pay-what-you-will, the perceived value of your work is ludicrously low in an age where people pay premium bucks for coffee. In this workshop we’ll discuss how to sell your work for what it’s really worth and keep that value constant. Don’t compete on price as if you were selling soybeans. Learn about the unique opportunities theater makers have for adding value to the experience instead of giving it away for nothing and then asking donors to make up the difference.

About Robert Smythe:

Robert Smythe has been telling stories professionally for over 30 years. He has received fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts, and the National Endowment for the Arts, and six fellowships from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Since 2015 Smythe has operated his own voiceover studio, VoiceSmythe, in Philadelphia, and he can be heard in radio and television commercials nationwide. He is a Creative Marketing executive with Synergixx/Smarter Voice Media.

Robert Smythe

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Jul 9 - Jul 30, 2018
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