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Perfect Blue

Set in the Near Future, some years after the beginning of The Sixth Great Extinction, huge bio-tech firms have found a way to replace lost species with genetic reproductions. But now a war rages between nations - a war that targets particular species in particular regions to destabilise the food chain - weaponising the planet's ecology for commercial and territorial gain. Carys, a British Scientist working for one of the giant Biotechs in the US, communicates with her husband Michael, also a geneticist in the UK, via a transatlantic link - but as their personal relationship deteriorates so too does the situation in the UK - forcing Carys to make a terrible decision.

In production, the actors perform in different countries simultaneously, with the husband in London projected onto our Philadelphia stage. They communicate via live-streaming video technology, with both actors performing in real time. 


G.S. Watson


David O'Connor


Jorge Cousineau

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Jul 14 - Jul 23, 2017
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