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A Classic Greek tragedy.

The story of Medea and Jason starts a generation before the play, when Jason’s uncle usurps the throne from his father. When Jason grows up and demands his father be restored to the throne, his uncle says he will, on one condition: find, capture, and bring him the fabled Golden Fleece. On the shores of Colchis a world away, the princess Medea falls in love with the adventurer when he arrives to claim the fleece. She sacrifices her home and betrays her family to help him, and then to marry him. Over the coming years, they sail the seas, escaping danger and leaving a bloody trail in their wake. Eventually, Medea and Jason, both now exiles from their homes, settle in Corinth and raise a family. But when the play begins, that’s all in the past. Jason has traded his marriage to Medea for a union with a Corinthian princess, and Medea is grieving–and enraged at his betrayal.




Megan Slater

Estimated Run Time

90 Minutes


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Oct 18 - Nov 11, 2018
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Hedgerow Theatre Company
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