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Measure for Measure

The city is adrift in moral decay. The Duke decides to go undercover as a holy man, leaving his puritanical deputy, Angelo, in charge to harshly enforce the strict morality laws of the city. Angelo begins his rule by making an example of Claudio, sentencing him to death for getting his fiancé with child. Claudio’s sister Isabella, a young novitiate, pleads for his life. Angelo agrees to spare Claudio but at great cost to Isabella. She has an impossible choice to make. Give up her innocence or give up her brother for execution. In Shakespeare's bawdy and witty, dark comedy, questions of mercy, justice, corruption of power, and religious hypocrisy are explored in a thrilling story line seemingly made for today. What are the human consequences of power in the wrong hands? How can the scales of justice and mercy be leveled fairly and humanely? Join us in exploring the questions that lay at the passionate heart of William Shakespeare's timeless and timely work.

Parent Discretion Advised: While we are sensitive to the family nature of outdoor performance and welcome all ages, CCTC is not a children's theatre company. Shakespeare's play deals with mature subject matter that you may not consider appropriate for your younger children.

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William Shakespeare


K. Richardson

Estimated Run Time

120 Minutes + 15 Minute Intermission


Closing Soon
Jul 10 - Jul 26, 2019
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Philadelphia, PA
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