An Iliad | Theatre Philadelphia

An Iliad

Featuring virtuosic performances and original live music, this Obie Award-winning adaptation condenses Homer's epic masterpiece into an evening of theater at its best: intimate, incisive, urgent, and relevant. The war in Troy is over – and the Poet saw it all. Back from the frontlines, he spins a tale of unquenchable rage, disputatious gods, and grieving widows. Telling the story of the war, like the war itself, both seduces and ravages the Poet; it emboldens, burdens, and threatens to verwhelm him. An Iliad weaves humanity's unshakable attraction to warfare with the music of the muses, capturing the contradictory conditions of glory and violence with spellbinding modernity.




Lisa Peterson
Denis O'Hare


M. Craig Getting

Estimated Run Time

1 hour and 45 minutes


Classics Drama