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A Way Home

A stripped-down, low-tech, immersive production of four of Tennessee Williams' short plays.

Williams wrote one-acts throughout his life, and they were often very experimental but still explored his classic themes of the crumbling of society, beauty and tragedy in decay, and the labyrinth of human relationships: power, sex, manipulation, responsibility, etc.

The Municipal Abattoir and The Chalky White Substance are set in a dystopian, not-so-far future dictatorship (ala Handmaid’s Tale), exploring morality, power, and what happens when those in charge fail their citizens. Moony’s Kid Don't Cry and Talk to Me Like Rain and Let Me Listen are more relationship-based, following two lower-class couples fighting against the system that keeps them poor and prevents them from having the ability to follow their dreams. All four pieces explore our ability (or inability) to make choices and have agency in the direction of our lives.

We hope to expand the audience’s expectation of a theatrical experience by using a non-traditional, site-specific performance space. The performance will be immersive – placing the audience in the middle of the action and requiring them to move around the space with the actors. 


Tennessee Williams


Sarah Scafidi
Kevin White

Estimated Run Time

90 Minutes
Closing Soon
Apr 24 - Apr 28, 2019
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West Kensington Ministry
2140 N. Hancock St
Philadelphia, PA 19122
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