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Meet the Barrymore Nominators: Daniel X. Guy

Sep 12, 2018

The Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre started in 1995, and celebrates the rich, diverse theatre community through a peer-adjudicated process. In the 2018-19 Season, we have 77 nominators and 13 judges that will see over 100 professional productions. Our expanded pool of voters this season represents the exciting and diverse theatre community that is thriving in Philadelphia. This entry is part of a profile series to introduce you to the voters who are an integral part of the Barrymore process.

Name: Daniel X. Guy

What is your current role in the Philadelphia theatre community? (I.e. actor, educator, designer, etc.): Managing Director, 11th Hour Theatre Company; Freelance Production Manager SCP

What was the first theatre production you were involved in, and what did you learn from it?: My first show ever was Fiddler on the Roof produced by South Church Players (where I went to Church) and I was one of the bottle dancers. I am one of the most Aryan looking people so it's quite funny that this was not the only time I played this role. About 8 years later I went on to revive this role in college as Mendel the Rabbit son and a Bottle Dancer. Only this time we didn't have velcro to keep the bottle on our head.

What is your education and training experience?: I have a BA from Muhlenberg College in Theater (performing and directing concentration) w/ a dance minor. I Also have my Masters of Science in Arts Administration from Drexel University

How did you first get involved in the Philadelphia theatre community?: Out of College I was first on tour with Enchantment Theatre Company. I toured with Terry Brennen and he (and several others) convinced me I should consider moving to Philadelphia. I applied to InterAct Theatre Company's apprenticeship program and went on to spend 8 years of my professional career working for InterAct. I have called Philly home for 9 year come this September.

What made you want to be a nominator/judge for the Barrymore Awards?: I think it's a way to give back to the community that I love. I was a nominator for 2 years then a judge, I rotated off for a year per protocol, but came back as a nominator. I think it's important to give back to the community. Also as a production/tech/administrator we're a minority in the nominating pool so it's important that amazing design and tech work is acknowledged.

What projects are you currently working on in Philly? (Feel free to link to websites and self-promote!): Shakespeare in Clark Park goes up next week (July 25th). I'm on the board for Tribe of Fools and I'm super pumped for our fringe show Fly Eagles Fly. Additionally I'm production manage my good friend Robi Hager's show that will appear as a reading in Fringe, the have it's official debut in October called Basic Witches. Also 11th Hour's season kicks off with Grey Gardens in October.

If you weren’t working in theatre, what other job do you think you would be doing?: If my mother had won the argument 15 years ago I'd probably be a civic engineer. Both of my parents and one of my sisters are engineers of various types. I was alway good at Math, computer science, and building things. My family jokes now I do am the Theatre Engineering.

What show would you love to work on that you haven’t gotten a chance to yet?: That's hard to narrow down so I'll break it into my two loves. New Work: I am the hugest fan of R. Eric Thomas, he is a brilliant playwright and maybe one of the funniest people of our time. I want to work on a show of his so badly. Musical: Xanadu, it's so stupid, it's funny, it's fluff, it makes fun of itself. I love it. And I already directed Zanna Don't! so I really need to check that off my list.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the theatre industry?: Go see shows, usher if you poor, and then ask people who's work you like to get coffee/drink. It makes an impact and it's a good way to start conversation and become a part of the community.

What production have you seen recently in Philly as an audience member that inspired you?: Fun Home, Mary Tuomanen was just so amazing, as was the rest of the cast. It was my 4th time seeing it produced and it was the best production I've seen of it.

If you could have dinner with any four people, living or dead, who would they be and why?: Robin Williams, Michelle Obama, Ellen Degeneres, and Audra McDonald. They're all both amazing and super funny people. It would be a dinner filled with amazing jokes and laughter

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