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Holiday Video: Happy Holidays from Philadelphia Theater

Dec 23, 2017

Each year, local artists give the gift of a video to Philadelphia theatre artists and audiences.

"For the past three years, we've created videos using the songs of others. This year, we were intrigued by the idea of writing an original song in our own voice, with lyric contributions from the Philly theater community. We felt it was important to ask, rather than dictate to, our community -- what should we say in 2017?

We put out one general Facebook post asking for written contributions in the form of answers to some general questions on our website. We gathered all this writing, with contributions from around 50 people, and we sorted through it for themes and lyric ideas. Everyone who contributed writing inspired the lyrics. In a very tangible way a community wrote this song.

We hope that this spirit of community resonates with you in 2017 to build events that welcome, friendships that deepen, art that includes, and love that is celebrated. Happy holidays to one and all." --Christopher Colucci, Jorge Cousineau, Charlie DelMarcelle, Katherine Fritz, Rebecca Smith

A lead sheet for What Do You Say? is available for free download here:

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