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A fascinating mystery: why did German physicist Werner Heisenberg visit his old mentor and Danish counterpart Niels Bohr in 1941 while their countries were at war? Was he looking for clues to atomic secrets, asking for absolution, or searching for something unknowable? As the characters wrestle with their memories and motives, what becomes clear is the ultimate uncertainty of why we do what we do. Perhaps the greatest play ever written about science, Michael Frayn's riveting drama puts us in the heart of the greatest moral dilemma of the 20th century.

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Friday 2/9, 8:00
Saturday 2/10, 8:00
Tuesday 2/13, 6:30
Wednesday 2/14, 2:00 & 7:00
Thursday 2/15, 7:00
Friday 2/16, 8:00
Saturday 2/17, 2:00 and 8:00
Sunday 2/18, 2:00

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Michael Frayn


Kittson O'Neill

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Jan 11 - Feb 18, 2018
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