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Become a Barrymore Nominator or Judge

About the Selection Process

Each spring, the Barrymore Oversight Committee identifies a pool of 12 Judges and approximately 60 Nominators to adjudicate the upcoming season of Barrymore-eligible productions. The annual process begins March 1st with publication of the Nominator/Judge Application, which is due March 31st. Applicants will be notified about the status of their application by the end of May. There is a mandatory season orientation on the last Monday of June.

As a Barrymore Judge you will be required to see over 60 productions in a season which runs from July 1st to June 30th. As a nominator you will see as many productions as your schedule allows with most nomiantors seeing approximately 12 to 15 prodcutions in the season.

Barrymore Nominators and Judges may serve a maximum of three consecutive seasons, and must reapply and be approved via the selection process conducted annually by the Barrymore Oversight Committee. In order to maximize inclusiveness and ensure fresh perspectives, the Barrymore Oversight Committee seeks to rotate 30% of the existing Nominator/Judge pool each season, through either natural attrition or lottery selection. The Barrymore Oversight Committee is committed to creating an annual Nominator/Judge pool of dedicated and knowledgeable theatre professionals that are reflective and inclusive of our community’s diversity, including artistic discipline, gender, age, and ethnic background. To aid the Barrymore Oversight Committee with this ongoing effort, qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to apply

The 2017/18 season application IS NOW CLOSED! We will open applications for the 2018/19 Season in March 2018. 


Please review the Barrymore Awards Rulebook or contact Peter Danzig, Program Assistant. 

Barrymore Judges – 2017/18 Season

Meredith Sonnen • Leila Joffe • Jay Berkowitz • Andrea Sotzing • Ed Corsi • Heather Helinsky • Dan O'Neil • Nicole Miller Marks • Cameron Kelsall • Karen Getz • Brian Anthony Wilson • Polly Edelstein

Barrymore Nominators – 2017/18 Season

Alex Keiper • Amanda Schoonover • Angela Coleman • Annette Kaplafka • Asaki Kuruma • Ben Smallen • Bill Felty • Brandi Burgess • Brett Mapp • Brian Seaman • Carlos Roa • Carly Bodnar • Cat Ramirez • Christopher Haig • Colleen Hughes • Darnelle Radford • Deborah Baer Mozes • Debra Miller • Desi P Shelton • Erlina Ortiz • Genvieve Shields • Gilberto Vega • Hillary Parker • Iraisa Ann Reilly • Joel Guerrero • Johanna Dunphy • Jonathan Steadman • Jose Aviles • Kae Greenberg • Kathryn McCumber • Kathryn Osenlund • Kelly Wilson • Kristen Scatton • Kyleen Shaw • LaKeisha Stanton • Lance Channing • Laura Frost • Lesley Berkowitz-Zak • Liam Mulshine • Luke Bradt • Matthew Mastronardi • Meghan Winch • Melanie Breaux • Michael Osinski • Mina Kawahara • Mitchell Bloom • Naila Francis • Natalia de la Torre • Nathan Foley • Nick Anselmo • Peter Schmitz • Peter Camp • Rachel Beecer • Rebecca Bradbeer • Rob Tucker • Robert Perdick • Sara Madden • Sara Garonzik • Sarah Scafidi • Shamus McCarty • Shawna Evans • Shelli Pentimall Bookler • Steve Gravelle • Tai Verley • Terrell Green