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Submit a Production to the Barrymore Awards

Welcome to the Barrymore Awards

The Barrymore Awards are a nationally recognized symbol of excellence for professional theatre in our region, raising the bar for the work produced by local theatres and individual artists while increasing public awareness of the richness and diversity of our city's thriving theatre community. The Barrymore Awards also include annual cash awards totalling over $75,000, which strengthen the ability of theatre companies and individual artists to pursue artistic work of the highest caliber.

More than just the Barrymore Awards

In addition to celebrating and honoring our theatre community's collective achievements, Theatre Philadelphia seeks to leverage the Barrymore Awards to provide high-value marketing exposure for all participating theatres and artists. We use this website and other marketing initiatives to inform the general public about the great theatre being created here in Philadelphia, to drive audience attendance to Barrymore participating productions, and to promote the Barrymore Recommended brand as a recognizable indicator of quality.

How does my theatre submit a production for Barrymore Awards consideration?

Theatre companies may submit professional productions for Barrymore Award consideration in accordance with our eligibility rules, which are fully described in the Barrymore Awards Rulebook. All participating theatre companies and submitted productions are automatically included on this website.

What happens when my production becomes Barrymore Recommended?

Barrymore Recommended indicates that at least one element of a production was deemed excellent by a majority of the eight Barrymore Nominators that are randomly assigned to each submitted production. Barrymore Recommended productions move on to the Barrymore Judges for further consideration and are eligible for Barrymore Award nominations at the end of the theatre season. The Barrymore Recommended designation also invites access to expanded promotional opportunities that are designed to provide an extra promotional push during the rest of your production's run, while also driving traffic to your website and promoting our Philadelphia theatre community. Current marketing initiatives include:

  • Sponsored Facebook announcement of your Barrymore Recommended production
  • Barrymore Recommended "wrapper" on your show's artwork throughout this website
  • Production photo gallery on your show page, plus the opportunity to be featured on our home page during your closing week
  • Inclusion in paid publicity campaigns on social media, including our "See a Show Tonight" campaign on Facebook
  • Inclusion in managed behavioral marketing campaigns targeting theatre-friendly audiences throughout the Greater Philadelphia region

What's next?

To get started, please download a copy of the Barrymore Awards Rulebook and contact Peter Andrew Danzig, Program Assistant, at We look forward to working with you!

Barrymore Oversight Committee – 2016/17 Season

Kevin Glaccum, Chair • Rebecca Smith, Secretary • Patreshettarlini Adams • Rachel Camp • Akeem Davis • Katherine Fritz • Kash Goins • Alex Keiper • Leonard Kelly • Diane Leslie • Adrienne Mackey • Amanda Morton • Daniel Perelstein • Lane Savadove