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NastalgiaJ Productions
Post Date: Sep 23, 2017
Calling all musicians, singers, actors, dancers, poets,  choreographers, crew members,    technicians(lighting&sound) Open Audition September, 26th  6pm-10pm! 
 Auditions for actors: How to prepare: A dramatic monologue & your choice of song. Please use a song that show your Vocal range.      EVERYONE CAN SING! Auditions For dancers: 1950's & 60's era dance & a selected dance routine of your choice!
 Please have your music ready! a speaker & aux will be available. Please bring your photo ID so the security would know it's you  when you sign in at the desk. You would not be able to get in if you don't.  
 Location:  2001 N 13th ST The Tyler Creative Arts Building at Temple University.  
 Time is of the essence please arrive on time. Contact me asap  if you're lost or any problems finding the building.  (215) 873-6205 
Email for any questioning

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