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Music Director/Piano Accompanist

Puer Aeternus
Post Date: Nov 6, 2017

This is a paid position.

The position requires one possessed of a high level of technical ability combined with an edgy, intelligent creativity. Nevertheless, I am happy to consider an “aspiring”, “emerging” music director who has the technical competence and depth of creativity needed to fill the position.

Puer Aeternus is a newly-forming, professional, non-equity devised physical theater company. It will have its own band, as music will be central to all productions. Each show will incorporate a kind of “punk cabaret” element. Thus the band and its music director will be of central—indeed, vital—importance to the success of every production. I seek very skilled and artistic hands to conduct this role.

In addition to the skills normally required of a MD (e.g., sight reading; arranging, transposing, transcribing and charting songs; directing other musicians), the MD best suited to this particular project will possess a facility for working across a wide-range of musical genres (Vaudeville, blues, rock, musical theater...possibly even classical/opera), while being open to completely re-imagining the musical and emotional/dramatic contexts of songs from these various repertoires.

Furthermore, the successful candidate will be someone who desires engagement with a still-developing project and who desires to be an active creative partner in the musical shaping of the overall piece.

Edgy, dark, stylized, expressionistic, sacred and profane, Vaudevillian and Shakespearean: these words announce some of the defining qualities of the pieces the company will create—movement-based theater pieces in which music is the connective tissue.


WHEN: March 2018. Load-in, tech & dress: March 1-13; Performances: March 14-31 (Wednesday through Saturday evenings; Sunday matinee.)

WHERE: Latvian Society (531 N. 7th Street @ Spring Garden), in Northern Liberties. (This is the space where EgoPo Classic Theater typically performs.)

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How to Apply

Interested candidates should direct a letter of interest and resume by email to

Thank you in advance for your time and interest.