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Footlighters Theater : Auditions for GREASE

Footlighters Theater
Post Date: Nov 27, 2019

Footlighters Theater in Berwyn, PA is excited to announce open auditions for the final show in their 91st season, Grease!


Our production of this Broadway hit will feature an ensemble cast and immersive staging. We're looking for energetic performers of all races and gender identities to bring these iconic characters to life. 



Sunday December 8th 7pm-10pm

Wednesday, December 11th 7pm-10pm

Call backs Sunday December 15th 7-10pm

Audition requirements:


All auditioners are asked to prepare two song selections, 16 bars each. One should be in the style of Grease! while the other should be a contrast in either style or character. You may sing a selection from Grease! Please bring sheet music in the correct key for all selections.


Auditioners should also prepare a one minute comedic monologue. 


The auditions will also include a short dance routine that will be taught after you sing. Please dress accordingly. Those auditioning for ChaCha should be prepared to demonstrate a full split and stag leap. 


Please note that we are specifically looking for Drag performers for the role of Teen Angel and those actors may be asked to attend callbacks in full drag. 


Rehearsals will run 3 times per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday evenings starting Feb 3) 


Performance Dates:

April 24,25 @ 8pm

April 26 @ 2pm

May 1,2,8,9,15,16 @ 8pm

May 3,9 @ 2pm


Footlighters of Berwyn is a membership based organization, all roles are open and non-paid.


Please email if you have any questions or concerns.


Character Breakdowns:

  • Danny Zuko, (D4-B5) Baritone with strong falsetto, a smooth greaser, the de facto leader of the Burger Palace Boys, and successful womanizer, although the events of the most recent summer have changed him. 

  • Sandy Dombrowski, (A3-F#5)Soprano, an innocent ingenue who eventually finds her wild side. 

  • Betty Rizzo, (A3-C5) Belter, the cynical leader of the Pink Ladies. She is strong, embraces the low culture, and refuses to show her feelings. 

  • Kenickie, (C4-F5) Tenor, a hard-nosed tough guy, Kenickie has great pride in his car, Greased Lightning. He has a tempestuous on-again, off-again relationship with Rizzo.

  • Roger "Rump", (D4-A5) Tenor, sardonic yet very self-confident Burger Palace Boy who is easily able to win over Jan and willing to go into a rumble with only a whip antenna as a weapon. He is also a proficient mooner.

  • Jan, (A3-C5) Mezzo Soprano, a member of the Pink Ladies, Jan is quirky, blunt, and has a voracious appetite.

  • Doody, (D4-A5) High Tenor, a younger member of the Burger Palace Boys, Doody has some childlike mannerisms and has trouble handling tense situations. He fantasizes about being a great rock-and-roll guitarist. Guitar skills are a plus. 

  • Frenchy, (A3-D5)  a member of the Pink Ladies. She is a very poor student with aspirations of becoming a beautician, but she is equally inept when she drops out to attend beauty school.

  • Sonny LaTierri, (G3-A5) Baritone, a character who imagines himself a Casanova, but most women find him repulsive. He is also quite cowardly, wilting in the face of any criticism. This role may be doubled with Vince Fontaine.

  • Marty, (C4-C5) Mezzo Soprano, a seasoned member of the Pink Ladies. She is superficial, thinks she’s better than others, and much experience in wine, men and cigarettes. 

  • Patty Simcox, (D4-A4) a high-achieving cheerleader who befriends Sandy and holds her own attractions to Danny. 

  • Eugene Florczyk, (A3-E5) the class valedictorian is usually portrayed as an awkward nerd. This role may be doubled with Teen Angel

  • Miss Lynch,  an English teacher and stereotypical disciplinarian.

  • Vince Fontaine, Baritone, the smooth-talking student disc jockey. He appears on-stage during the school dance and serves as an on-air host at the local top-40 radio station. This role may be doubled with Sonny. 

  • Johnny Casino: (G4-Eb) the leader of a low-rent rock and roll band that plays at the school dance.

  • Cha-Cha DiGregorio, (C4-C5) she appears at the school dance as Kenickie's date. She is a fierce competitor and dancer. Those auditioning for ChaCha will be asked to show a full split and stag leap.

  • Teen Angel, (E4-F5) Tenor, Frenchy's over-the-top guardian angel who has blunt advice for his subject. This role may be played as a Drag Role and also may be doubled with Eugene.


Production team 

Director: Daniel K. Williams

Music Director: Ben Hemsley

Choreographer: Katie Beth Brown

Producer: Bill Gilbertson


We hope to see you there!

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How to Apply

Please sign up for an audition slot at the following link:

Any questions please contact us by email at