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Audition Notice: Box Clever

Post Date: Mar 6, 2018

Inis Nua is producing the American Premiere of Box Clever by Monsay Whitney. The show will run February 6-24, 2019.  Rehearsals will be beginning in January, 2019.

Box Clever is the story of a woman caught in a Kafkaesque maze brought on by the social net, prejudices and her own doing.  Marnie is stuck in a women’s refuge, trying to escape toxic relationship patterns, just wanting to do the best for herself and her child. But how do you get out of a rut when everyone you know is a liability?


The roles are:

MARNIE- a mother in her late twenties to early thirties.  She has a tough veneer but she has to in order to survive. Prone to outbursts and not adhering to social norms.  Loves her child and will do anything to protect her.

Actress 2 - will play all the other roles. Must be versatile in playing multiple characters.  This will be done in the body and voice rather than costume changes. Singing and playing an instrument a plus but not required.

Movement experience for both a plus but not required.

Inis Nua Theatre Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Actors of all races, ethnicity, national origins, gender identities, disabilities and genetic information are encouraged to apply.

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How to Apply

Please submit your headshot and resume to  Please include what instrument(s) you play and your level of comfort.