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Actor and Freelance Scriptwriter Looking For Work

Marcelle Lofton
Post Date: Dec 31, 2017

If you're looking for a freelance screenwriter/comic book writer, I'm here to work with you in writing a professional quality script. Based on being self-taught, I can write professional quality scripts ranging from screenplays/teleplays to comic book scripts, as well as stageplays. I have some knowledge on acting, scriptwriting and filmmaking that'll be helpful to your production project. Prior to this, I do script doctoring in rewriting, editing and polishing specific aspects of an existing script such as structure, characterization, dialogue, themes, pace and other elements. On the side, I do acting, in case if you're looking for an actor to be featured in your production project.

I'm looking to offer my freelance scriptwriting/script doctoring/comic book writing services for paid compensation.

Contact me for more information regarding my services, credentials, skills, experience, references, rates, actor's demo reel, closet teleplay sample, closet comic book script sample and acting resume. Thank you and I'm looking forward to collaborating with you on a future project!

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Serious inquiries: